Jan 28, 2012

Cafe Dritter Raum, Neukoelln

So I have been meaning to review this place for a while after having a great breakfast here. Well what can I say about Cafe Dritter Raum...I think the picture says a lot about the style of cafe it is, the decor is a complete mix of brilliantly put together retro style and you feel so at home here, that and the very friendly staff where a nice warm welcome can make all the difference. You can also enjoy an old school video game ... remember these things? The food in the cafe is completely organic and the prices are great considering this too, all the food is homemade and scrumptious. They do regular breakfasts during the week and a brunch buffet at the weekend, not to be missed. There is great care taken in the food preparation and you can see the owner really cares about the product they offer here and the fact that they only use organic produce says a lot about their ethics too.

Cafe Dritter Raum is a really home away from home and with wlan here also, you can bring your laptop and just take it easy and unwind in one of Berlin's great urban cafes, they have got the concept just right, great food, great cafe, great decor and friendly to boot! Check out the Swap Night 'Tauschring' on Wednesday where people swap services, check their website for more details.

Hertzbergstrasse. 14 U-bahn: Karl-Marxstrasse 
or S-bahn: Sonnenallee
www. cafe-dritter-raum.de

Coffee: 8/10 Cake: 10/10


Hayley said...

Great review of a great place. Couldn't agree more!

CpILL said...

You got the adress wrong mate its Hertzbergstra├če 14
12055 Berlin

Andy McCormack said...

Thanks CpILL, much appreciated... I missed the Z. Keep well man and well spotted.

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