Jun 23, 2012

Barini, Neukoelln

Barini was one of those great discoveries when you are not on the lookout and we found Barini on such a day hanging out in Neukeolln. The interior of the cafe is really stylish with beautiful oak tables, warm lighting and in the back there is a really nice room with a large old looking oak table which would be a perfect room for a group of friend or a party. At this time there was a very cool slide show in operation and it was very impressive. The waitress was so warm hearted and friendly and you cannot underestimate the importance of friendly staff, it is always an important reason why I would go back to a place and in this instance it was very refreshing in a city where customer service at times can be, well you know. The menu is a mix of Turkisk and Italian cuisine and they have come up with a mix that works, everything has been thought through and the design from the cafe to the menu and business cards balance throughout, really well executed.... a perfect crossover. They seem to have a very tasty looking breakfast choice so I hope to get back and check that out.

They have some of the best home made cakes, all scrumptious looking. It took us a moment or two to order since they all looked so great. We settled for the lemon cake and the apple tart, both were immense and then there is the coffee. When we walked in the door we spotted their great barista machine, we had high hopes. The coffee was fantastic, one of those great cups of coffee, even when its cooling down it still tastes damn good...it was pretty strong too so we just settled for the one cup. Neukoelln is lucky to have such a great addition to the neighbourhood, while it might not be as cheap as some people may expect in the neighbourhood, the prices were still very inexpensive, the cakes were only a couple of euro and for a home made slice, you can't go wrong. Its so worth a visit and if you live around the corner you couldn't have a better local on your doorstep.
Address: Boehmischestr. 46  
U-bahn: Karl Marx Strasse  S-bahn: Sonnenalee

Coffee: 9/10  Cake: 10/10

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Paulo McManus said...

Looks cozy and vintage indeed. A perfect place for the those who appreciates quite environment.
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